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About The Owners:

We are a husband and wife with two daughters who moved to the Antelope area of Sacramento County in 1989. We began publishing a newsletter to help ourselves and our neighbors to become informed about the meetings and events in our area and to promote community involvement. That newsletter turned into the four community newspapers we publish today. Although distribution continues to grow, our focus has remained the same: positive people, positive events, community information, and involvement. We believe that an informed community is an involved community, and an involved community means more unity, more cooperation, and a better quality of life.

Although it may seem that the publications are different from one another (Antelope and Woodcreek News for families, and the Sun Senior News for Sun City Seniors) they all came as a natural progression from one another.

We began with the Antelope News in 1990, and because West Roseville shares schools, students, and concerns with the east half of Antelope, we began the Woodcreek News in 1995. Sun City Roseville was just beginning then, and the residents were receiving the Woodcreek News. We realized immediately the seniors were going to be the most active contributors to our paper, but they had their own special needs and interests. So we began the Sun Senior News as a separate publication in 1996, and when Sun City Lincoln Hills opened in 1999 it was a natural step for us to begin a publication there as well.

We believe our papers have had a positive influence on the communities they serve and hope the future will bring more of the same.

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