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We gladly extend discounts from our full ad rates based two factors: the length of the advertising agreement, and ads placed in multiple publications.

Discounts for agreements up to one year are published on our standard rate sheets. An additional 10% discount is granted for advertising in two publications. 15% for advertising in 3 or more publications.

Note: Discounts apply only to the Sun Senior News: Roseville, Woodcreek News and Antelope News.There are currently no discounts associated with the Lincoln Hills Sun Senior News

Discounts for Inserts:

There are currently no discounts available on flyer inserts, regardless of frequency or number of publications in which they are placed. Our insert service is 100% labor cost, preformed by crews at our commercial printer. Our insert rate goal is to provide an affordable alternative to doing your own direct mailings.

Discount for Classified Ads:

Discounts are granted for running the same classified ad up to 3 consecutive months. Discounts for the same ad run in multiple publicaltions for at least 12 consecutive months are individually negotiated. Email or call us regarding your situation: ad@egnews.com or (916) 727-6383.

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