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What we need from you before the 10th of the month:

PDF  Download our Advertising Agreement Form.
PDF  Download our Credit Card Authorization Form.


  • Determine which publications, ad sizes, and how long you want to advertise (see "Display Ad Rates).
  • Fill out and return our Advertising Agreement Form.
  • Email your PDF ad, or we'll help you design your ad.
  • Payment for your advertising (all advertising is pre-paid).
  • Download our Credit Card Authorization Form.

  1. We need to know which publications, ad sizes, and how long to run each ad. Please click on Display Ad Rates to review our current ad rates. Be sure to review our Discounts page to see if there are additional discounts available for your desired advertising purchase.

    Please email or call with any other questions you may have about our publications or rates: ad@egnews.com or (916) 727-6383 (emailing is recommended since we can respond 24/7).

  2. After you have determined your choice of publications, ad sizes, and length of agreements, please fill out an Advertising Agreement Form (Adobe Acrobat Reader required) and fax it to us at (916) 727-6373. Alternatively you may email or call with your fax number and the form will be faxed to you: ad@egnews.com or (916) 727-6383.

  3. Ads should be emailed to ad@egnews.com as PDFs, made to our ad sizes, with all fonts converted to outlines. Please click on Submit Ad info for more details.

    If we are designing the Ad for you:
  4. Please submit any logos, photos, artwork, and text by email to: ad@egnews.com or by mail to any of the addresses listed on our contact us page.

    Note: We highly recommend utilizing the services of a graphic designer or ad agency. However we are happy to assist you in designing your ad. There is a $30 charge for a single ad design if your ad rate is less than $100 per month and your advertising agreement is for less than six months.

    If we are designing your ad you will receive a faxed ad proof from us by the 17th of the month (the sooner we receive your ad info the sooner we can send a proof).

  5. All advertising is pre-paid by check or credit card. Please click on Payment for information about payment options, invoices, and timetables.

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