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Submitting Ad Info

E-mail: Whenever possible, all items related to advertising should be submitted by e-mail to: ad@egnews.com

Ideally, ads should be e-mailed as PDFs, made to our specific ads sizes, with all fonts converted to outlines or embedded in the file.

If e-mail is not possilble: Ad content, including text for the ad and original artwork (photos/clipart), can be mailed to any of the addresses on our Contact Us page. CDs may be submitted. Please, no floppy diskettes.

Please put the contents in an envelope marked with the name of the paper you intend to advertise in and our box number at that specific location.

You may also fax ad text and ideas for ad designs to us at (916) 727-6373.



Ad Design Guidelines:
We offer free, basic, one-version Ad design.

Ideally though, Ads should be designed by commercial graphic designers with lower-resolution (100 lpi), black & white reproduction values which include:

-Ads should be submitted as correctly-size PDFs, with all fonts converted to outlines/curves.

- Photos and artwork should be at least 150+dpi and lightened/brightened at least 15% to compensate for dot-gain/darkening during the printing process.

-Photos are recommended to be well-lighted, high-contrast and sharp. Note: that great color-photos do not always translate into great black and white photo. Ideally, color photos will be converted and contrast-adjusted before inclusion in Ad layouts.

- Text photos/screened areas: text place over photos/screened areas is generally not recommended unless the text is larger (at least 14pts) and offers a high-contrast to its background. The larger and more contrast, the better.

Ad Content:
In general terms, our experience has shown that its best to have an eye-catching graphic included in your Ad that also communicates what product or service is being offered and that wording should be as concise as possible.

Please email us with any specific production questions or specifications: ad@egnews.com



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